• Image of With - chapbook

"Wi(d)th" is the preposition of togetherness but also a measurement of distance: the space of together while apart. This is a queer poetry chapbook that's in a committed long distance relationship. A fantasia of memory and desire and the urgency of intimacy through words: text messages and that sweet voice on the other end of the phone. "I press my body into an envelope & I’m sending / Tongues, consonants, permutable possibilities."


Sarah Clark: "WITH is an intimate and daring collection, a text that twists and entwines, that tells lovers’ secrets. Exploring form, voice, and play, WITH is a kinetic and restless text, connected by the liminality and intensity of a long-distance relationship. These poems capture the suspended time of distance with a charming vulnerability, and tumbling verse — the speaker learning to define and to find themself as they explore the meaning of their relationship, bounty of memory and eagerness of ache. WITH is a pure distillation of queer love. Noah Fields brings a refreshing joyfulness to queer lit. If you enjoy Tommy Pico or Ari Banias, you’ll find something special in WITH."

Travis Alabanza: "WITH is such a beautiful, exciting, intimate and fresh debut collection from Noah... I love poetry that makes me feel like I am with you at the point of writing, yet also on the other end of the world, and I think this has done just that.”

Cover design by Jingyi Li.

Digital pdf available on Ghost City Press site: https://ghostcitypress.com/books/